Band News

Monkseaton Middle School entered a steelband for Music for Youth this year and they have been selected to play at the National Festival in July in August. Teacher Julie Robinson (who used to be at Kingsmeadow) is quite excited to be selected at her first try with MMS and plans to use as much SN training/support as possible.

Spring 2015

It’s over a year since we’ve issued a newsletter. We've decided to just publish online from now on so please pass on the web address to all your steelband contacts. 
We hadn’t intended to leave it so long but there’s a lot happening so we’d better get on with it.
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Steelbands North Re-launch

SN started in 2000 as a £110,000 Youth Music funded project rolled out over 20 months and involving thousands of mostly young people in playing steelpan. It was kept going by NTSB on a shoe string budget helped by occasional small grants and self-funding activities. SN are looking to re-invigorate the project this year and aim to see many more opportunities for people across the region, such as young leader training, developing the website, workshops with visiting pan tutors, putting together a regional band to take art in Junior Panorama in London (see below), and offering more practical support to pan schools. Right now we are looking for keen, new people to join the management committee and bring new ideas and ways of doing things, and hopefully to steer SN towards becoming a fully independent organisation. We’ve already made a start on some of these initiatives; are you the kind of person who can help SN to future achievements?

Northern Steel Orchestra

As part of the revamp of Steelbands North, the Northern Steel Orchestra has been formed to provide an opportunity for the many talented players across the region to develop their skills by working with nationally recognised tutors towards taking part in Junior Panorama in London in August, organised by the British Association of Steelbands as part of the preparation for the Notting Hill Carnival. This will be the first time that a north east steelband has taken part in the event. All bands and tutors were invited to encourage confident players with potential to attend the taster days. Twenty players attended the first rehearsal session held at NTSB’s base and many more are signed up for the second reharsal to be held at KEVI Steel’s base in Morpeth on 19 April. We were thrilled at the high standard and enthusiasm of the players who attended the first session and we are looking forward to completing the Orchestra with players from the second day. So far, performances confirmed are - Friday 26th June at the Steelbands North Festival of Steelbands Monday 10th August at the Junior Panorama in London We are planning one or two open air performance in the run up to the competition and other performances across the region. There is still time to be involved in NSO, membership is free. Contact Jenny.Gilberg@btinternet for details.

Steelbands North Festival

The annual SN Festival of Steelbands will be on Friday 26 June at The Linskill Centre, North Shields running from 10am to 3pm. This is mostly aimed at school bands giving them an opportunity to play for and with their peers and to hear other steelbands. It’s non-competitive and a fun day; why not bring your band along, or just come and listen? Free entry for all.

National News

Classorama is an annual school steelband competition with primary and secondary sections that takes place on the first Friday in July at Carnival Village, The Tabernacle, London W11. Classorama emulates the steelband competition called Panorama held annually in Trinidad and Tobago and the UK as part of the Notting Hill Carnival. The purpose of Classorama is to recognise the many excellent school steelbands in the UK that go unnoticed for their wonderful works and achievements in the same way that we recognise sports and other school activities.The event is organised by Steel Pan Trust and sponsored by Carnival Village, British Association of Steelbands and Love Carnival. SN hope that maybe next year one of our regions top school steelbands will take part in Classorama. north east several times over the last year, we haven’t got our own resident tuner yet. One issue which they have raised with us is that of centre notes on tenor pans. It seems that quite a few tenor pans from a wide selection of schools and bands have recently developed poor tuning retention on the small notes in the very centre of the pan. This is unlikely to be due to over eager playing as these notes are probably the least used on tenors