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Tuning tips

Tuners have been up to the north east several times over the last year, we haven’t got our own resident tuner yet. One issue which they have raised with us is that of centre notes on tenor pans. It seems that quite a few tenor pans from a wide selection of schools and bands have recently developed poor tuning retention on the small notes in the very centre of the pan. This is unlikely to be due to over eager playing as these notes are probably the least used on tenors by a long way. So what is the cause? It could be that tenors are sometimes placed on hard surfaces on their belly whilst setting up and putting away; don’t do this! If you have to put them down turn them upside down so that they rest on the rim; the belly is the thinnest part of the pan and often can’t support the weight.

It could be that tenor pans are not protected well enough in their cases. Because the belly is so thin there must be sufficient padding to keep it off the base of the case. Some schools stack pans flat on top of each other and this could easily lead to undue pressure on the belly if the cases are soft or worn.

Some cases are more protective than others and tenor pans need more protection than other pans so always use strong cases for tenors (see Letters section). If you have to store or transport pans without cases take great care that this sort of damage is avoided.

Pans are expensive instruments and repair can be a long way away (in distance and in time) so look after your investment properly and show your players how to do this.